I like food in general, but ice cream is it’s own special category of wonderful. Once I even went on an “ice cream diet” with a friend. We ate ice-cream for lunch one day; a tub of Ben & Jerry’s each. Don’t judge. Who among us has never finished a carton of ice cream? Ben & Jerry’s containers aren’t that large, by the way.

This morning said friend shared an article announcing a new kind of ice cream in Israel. An investment group has decided to sponsor an Israeli ice cream brand to stimulate competition with imported ice creams. The low-fat ice cream recipe was invented by an Israeli chef from the Galilee working with a gastronomer, using local goat milk.

I look forward to tasting their new flavors, although punctuation in the article caused a bit of confusion in regard to what these flavors actually are. The article says there are “four pretty ordinary flavors: Chocolate, vanilla and coconut, coffee and melon”. Since these are only three flavors, and I assume coffee and melon flavored ice cream is not so ordinary, I postulate that what the author intended was “Chocolate, vanilla and coconut, coffee, and melon”. But I digress…

As excited as I am by the new ice cream and the “coffee and melon” flavor and the idea of an Israeli brand using local products, the concept of the brand weirds me out a bit. The brand has no name. Is not having a brand the new branding? What does that even mean? How can you market a brand with no name?

They are packaging their ice cream with a picture of a scoop of ice cream on the lid, in the hopes that they will become known as “the ice cream with the moon on the package” because the scoop looks kind of like a moon. It’s unclear why they think people will call it a moon instead of an ice cream scoop.

I’m no marketing expert, but as a consumer I’d probably call them “the brand that lacks any vision or creativity so they couldn’t come up with a name” or “tbtlavocstccuwan” for short. Their concept is to not have a concept. That just seems lazy to me. In addition to being an utterly (no pun intended) lame branding tactic, it also limits them from ever doing anything with their brand that doesn’t involve a picture of a lunar-esque ice cream scoop. If Ben and Jerry ever wanted to do something else, like produce sandwiches, for example, they would be able to use their brand name. Tbtlavocstccuwan, on the other hand, has limited themselves to tubs of ice cream. Perhaps they could expand to popsicles if they really wanted to spread their wings.

I am excited to try this brand-less ice cream, but I hope they do themselves a favor and come up with a name. My instinct tells me to go for chocolate since that’s generally the best flavor, but I’m also considering vanilla and coconut since I think those will combine nicely with the goat milk. What do you think?