It’s always important to have a positive attitude. It’s hard to find an upside to being laid off, but until its time to pay the bills it’s pretty easy to find a silver lining in being unemployed.

Despite being home all day, I have managed to find productive ways to spend my time that with activities that I would otherwise have a difficult time doing. For example, this blog. I have exercised nearly every day this week, eaten healthier and found time for writing. I’ve been able to enjoy coffee with friends before beginning my search for work. I’ve begun teaching myself and practicing skills that will hopefully help me with my next job.

The danger of this view, on the other hand, is that it’s easy to become complacent. While I enjoy the freedom of unemployment and have been taking advantage of it, I have to continue to strive to create and reach goals for myself each day. Hopefully with a bit of hard work and dilligence I’ll find a job that will allow me to do what I love.