Aside from enjoying writing, I also like being right. (I would also like to demonstrate that I am, in fact, aware of the correct usages of the words rite, right, write and wright, despite the pun in the title of this blog.)

I love English. I didn’t appreciate the language, truly, until I moved to Israel. There are few things as gratifying as being able to communicate fluently. Growing up, I was always taught to vary my word choice and use synonyms to prevent repetitiveness. In Hebrew, my vocabulary is so limited that I was really unable to do that. When I was studying in Ulpan to improve my Hebrew language skills (and because it was required by University) I sat down with my teacher to go over a paper I had written. In each case I had attempted to use a synonym, she told me to change it to the original word. I did not understand. “I already used that word twice in the previous paragraph. Isn’t there another word I can use that means the same thing?” Apparently there isn’t. I love that English is such a flexible, diverse language. There are several words for nearly everything, each with its own, nuanced meaning.

In addition to being able to choose the right words for myself, I enjoy being able to do it for others. For this reason, I get pleasure out of editing other peoples’ work. I like correcting people and being right, and I also relish in knowing the best word to use to express the desired point.

In the title of this blog, I changed the word “right” (as in the direction) for the word “write” (meaning to represent language with text). Not that I feel judged by you, I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page…