I just read an interesting (and rather humorous) article about Angry Birds and SEO (Search English Optimization/making your website come up higher on Google). I have recently become interested in learning about SEO and the intricacies of online marketing (as you may have picked up from my earlier posts). Between job hunting and blogging (and a bit of freelance work which I am happy to get more of if you know of anything), I have been reading up on SEO. This article compares lessons learned from Angry Birds that can also apply to SEO. For example, “Different problems require different specialists”. Each type of bird has its own “specialty” such as exploding or flying extra fast. So too, SEO tactics must be varied depending on the challenge at hand.

For those of who you don’t know, Angry Birds is a game which involves slinging angry-looking birds in the general direction of pigs which are hiding under various obstacles. The aim is to get rid of the pigs by either hitting them directly or causing something to hit them. When my husband first got the game on his iphone, I thought it seemed ridiculous. Slinging birds to destroy pig? What is that? What really baffled me though was his addiction to the game. Everyone I’ve ever seen with the game on their phone can’t seem to stop playing. It didn’t take me long to figure it out once he let me play a level. I couldn’t put it down! The game is so simple, but some levels are deceptively difficult, and you feel like you can’t quit until you beat the whole game. It only takes a short time to complete a level, so time flies and you don’t realize how long it’s been since you last ate or slept or bathed. If I ever learn to program, I would model my game after Angry Birds. Everyone loves cartoon animals and a challenge they can master. Additionally, I would try and somehow work into the game lessons on how to use apostrophes, because misplaced apostrophes really irk me.